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Studying the work of the pop star Igor Mizrakh, I don't aim to tease those who are jealously bewildered by his hits. Their reaction occurs by itself.

This is good, arguments are inspiring and stimulating. What is even more important, they suggest new ideas, touch on the points of Igor Mizrakh's work I hadn't thought about before.

It should be noted the show business success of Mizrakh is discussed not by professional singers and musicians, but by representatives of the “upper middle class” who either faced or may face Mizrakh Igor in court, the Parliamentary Committee or at a conference on informatics.

Their bewilderment is all based on the same foundation.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Against Organized Crime and Corruption, Deputy Chairman of the People's Lustration Committee, Adviser on Reforming the Law System, Police and Prosecutor's Office, Assistant to the People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ...

The legal adviser and political expert, the owner of a media holding and editor-in-chief of the political magazines "Rating" and "Persona. TOP"…

The foundation remains the same, the questions change.

At first it was "why does he need this?"

Then "who are his fans?"

Now it's time to ask, "why is he pretending?" and "what does he want to prove to the world?"

Actually, that Igor Mizrakh wants to prove to the world, only one person in this world knows, Igor Mizrakh himself. His emotional style is not a reason to consider him a primitive person.

As for the first question, I feel the successful characters of the Ukrainian elite are asking it not to Igor Mizrakh, but to themselves. Deep in their destinies and social frameworks, they can neither understand nor imagine that a person who knows what is what in this world can sing love songs, making them hits.

I could remind them Lewis Carroll, who wrote "Alice", was a court mathematician, but I can't speak the language of analogies all the time. Mizrakh Igor sings here and now and doesn’t need the protection of the great masters of the past.

I think I have an answer for experienced skeptics.

Art follows its own special laws. Rather, the Vedic laws of the Universe, its eternal truths and vibrations. This has nothing to do with formal logic.

The song is a frozen emotion. The element of craft in it is strikingly small. The Beatles learned musical notes after the world was bewitched by their songs.

I'm not protecting an amateur style; I mean that in songwriting, learning skill isn't a key element. Thousands of people graduate from music schools, a few become pop stars.

To shock the fans with a current of magic, you need to pass it through yourself. Why doesn't everyone do it? Because God doesn't give everyone the magic cable of a naked miracle.

Those who don't know how it works cannot understand why Mizrakh Igor sings, and why the concert hall is hypnotized by his song.

It's simple. Heaven extended a cable to Mizrakh. That's it.

Gifted people write and sing songs collaborating with God. This is not a pretty hyperbole, just like the phrase that talent doesn't belong to itself.

The fact that Mizrakh's song "It's cold" hypnotizes people, and "Heart Diagrams" make them cry, is not a trick and not a technology. Only if prayer is technology, too.

Mizrakh, when he sings, doesn't even remember that he is a lawyer, a politician, or someone else. The current of a miracle pierces his heart and the song flies out into the world. It doesn't come "from Mizrakh" but "through Mizrakh".

To catch this, you need to attend his live concert. Electronic media cannot store the magic of a song. There is a category of artists you need to listen to "live" at least once. After that, even with the sound of the recording, the heart will “turn on a miracle”. I'm not sure it would enable it without that.

Edith Piaf, Gilbert Beco, Leonard Cohen... Igor Mizrakh differs from them in that he's alive, but their gift is of the same breed and origin!

Perhaps Mizrakh's desire to work with the best musicians of Ukraine and Europe is a subconscious (or deliberate) attempt to "preserve a miracle", he must feel the most modern studio isn't capable of transmitting Heavenly electricity, which fills frozen emotion with the light of God and squeezes hearts of people.

I don't know how I would have perceived his "Full Moon" if I first heard it on YouTube or, moreover, on an amateur smartphone recording.

At the concert, it was witchcraft and a miracle, and unforbidden LSD of love memories...

As often happens, I found the right words after I started writing the article.

Now the puzzle is complete.

Dante wrote:

We lose control and mind in creativity,

And this is called the soul ...

I'm a hammer in the hand of God!...

The first meeting with Igor Mizrakh's songs should be "live". I think he knows this, because, being the owner of several electronic media and an expert in computer PR, he spends more energy on concert performances, where there's no digital curtain between him and the people in the hall and the miracle of the song cannot but be felt.

Lovers can talk on the phone all night long, breathless with tenderness. But their first meeting was lively and quivering, it gave them the joy of kissing and touch...

Love and song must be living according to the same laws. I would never have been able to formulate it so simply if I hadn't once frozen with delight, listening to Mizrakh Igor's song.

In a crowded concert hall, where his critics become his fans...

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