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Now it's no longer important at what multicultural crossroads the invisible hand of time has stirred the cards of humanity, confusing castes, roots, and erasing centuries-old milestones.

The fact is that it happened. Moreover, it happened instantly and ruthlessly, for one and a half earthly generations, distracted by world wars and social upheavals. Life-saving formulas that have been written for millennia have been erased easily and forever, like drawings on beach sand.

Listing murdered truths would be a long story.

Someone will say that the lines of Lao Tzu, Ecclesiastes, Plato, and other wise men of mankind are in the public domain, and, due to computers, have become even more accessible.

Yes, that's right. These clever and necessary books, even castrated by the Vatican, keep confident indexes of the Truths. But the basics of Genesis are not taught in libraries; they need a football field called Life.

Humanity, having dragged a plate of burgers closer to plastic PC monitors, doesn't feel either robbed or unhappy.

It loved the era of spiritual prostheses and material imitations.

Nevertheless, I'm writing these lines because I saw that the Human World still has immunity and the ability to recover.

This happened thanks to my acquaintance with Igor Mizrakh. However, let's move step by step…

ТАКОЙ РАЗНЫЙ ИГОРЬ МИЗРАХ — Политика. Новости Украины. Новости Киева.  Новости Украины и Мира. Верховная рада. Кабинет Министров. Депутаты  верховной рады. Выборы в верховную раду.

One of the basic conditions for the balance of the human soul has always been the ability to combine practical skill with a sense of beauty, courage with art, pragmatism with spirituality, knowledge with faith.

Fearless Japanese samurai read and discussed hokku. They could drink sake cold only when discussing love and poetry.

The officials of Ancient China regularly wrote essays about the beauty of the world and art.

Kozak Mamay, who has taken off his weapon and is playing bandura, decorates half of the Ukrainian houses.

British naval officers were trained in music and painting.

Not only the cadets of the Russian Empire but also the students of the Red Army military schools were trained in singing and dancing.

I think everyone understands where I'm driving at. 65 years ago, the Ukrainian poet Maxim Rylsky expressed this idea laconically and figuratively:

Human happiness has two equal wings,

Roses and grapes, the beautiful and the useful...

65 years ago is yesterday…

The world didn't notice the loss of one of its wings, becoming a training ground for strong-willed professionals, one-sided like the edge of a Finnish knife.

Then I got to know Igor Mizrakh and realized that the Eternal Truths would not give up so easily.

Mizrakh Igor, a Ukrainian politician, a well-known lawyer, and owner of several law firms, a famous guru of the information sphere and political analysis, a member of the Parliamentary Commissions, an order-bearer and laureate of all kinds of awards, stubbornly and skillfully performs concerts and records song albums.

This is not a hobby and not an eccentricity of an accomplished person. The musical level of Mizrakh's songs and the number of fans put him in a line of the leading pop stars.

His songs are expressive and emotional.

No hobby presupposes such involvement in creativity and concert activity. Igor Mizrakh differs from other pop stars in that he also runs media empires, is engaged in politics and legal practice.

His live concerts are regular; his song albums are very professional and recorded with the best pop musicians in the country. If someone thinks this is an amateur level of music, he’s wrong. If someone believes this is a thirst for vanity, he is not familiar with the social structure in Ukraine. People of Igor Mizrakh’s level are the national elite, they are free from inferiority complexes.

Think for yourself, a person with media influence and a strong political position spends time and energy on song albums and live concerts, which draw crowds of devoted fans.

Игорь Мизрах – «Мне уже не важно». История любви которую каждый из нас хотя  бы раз в жизни пережил. (прослушать и скачать) — sxemy.com

What is this, if not a sign of Eternity, returning to public life a new (former, in fact) kind of social leader, feeling the need to combine political activity with the art of the highest level?

Of course, Mizrakh Igor doesn't consider he’s the messiah of the spiritual rebirth of mankind, which would be madness. Such things can be seen from the outside. But they are seen more than clearly.

Of course, there are few people like Mizrakh. He is so gifted he simply cannot restrain his creative impulses. But overly-gifted people who cannot keep their talent from public display should be the first. Their task is to establish a trend, a tendency, a social norm.

Nobody expects the same professional level of performance from his followers, and it's not necessary. The main thing is that the spiritual component will become internally obligatory for the Ukrainian national elite.

Perhaps Igor Mizrakh will only laugh while reading this article. A talented person is not obliged to realize his key role in social processes; he needs the recognition and love of fans, the success of new songs and albums...

Actually, he's right about that…

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